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Chris is a talented web developer with a good eye for how a website looks and an appreciation for how it performs.
- Ross Kimbarovsky
co-Founder, Startup Foundry

The Process

  1. First we'll meet to get to know you, and what you're looking for. This can be in person, or via video chat or phone call. We'll outline a set of requirements and features for your project. This will set expectations and help determine the costs and timeline.
  2. Second, we'll gather all the necessary materials and content for your project. It's important to know everything that will be needed before finalizing any designs or code work. We'll also need to setup or share access to any related accounts, especially social media, if necessary.
  3. Third, we go to work on your project, generating designs, writing code, reworking accounts. There will be several iterations, through which we will fine tune your project and get closer to the final product. This typically takes up to a month, but can go longer.
  4. Finally, launch! Whether you're unveiling your first website, or redesigning and existing one, or reshaping your social media presence, we will guide you through the process and be sure you understand every step involved.
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